Com um poema da jovem e promissora Ana Sofia Paiva e música do guitarrista Eurico Machado, Angel blue & Mary Thistle é mais uma supreendente canção extraída do Album Smooth,  que Maria Ana Bobone dedica inteiramente à luta contra a leucemia.

A poem by the young and promising Ana Sofia Paiva and music by the guitarist Eurico Machado,  Angel Blue & Mary Thistle is another surprising song from the album Smooth  which Maria Ana Bobone dedicated entirely to the fight against leukemia.

Maria Ana Bobone: Voz / Voice

Rodrigo Serrão: Baixo electrico e Programações / Programming and electric Bass

Eurico Machado: Guitarra folk/ Folk Guitar


(A bluebird just kissed a thistle over my window sill)

Angel blue with a silver beak

A bit of fright and a taste of cheek

Get ready and go with a swing

'Cause soon my baby, she'll be on the wing

Mary Thistle purple and green

If you get too close, it'll make you scream

But get ready and go with a swing

'cause soon my baby she'll be on the wing


Steal the breeze from a windmill

Yes we will

Plant paper flowers over mountains of thrill

Yes we will

Dream new fables and make them real

Yes we will

Over and over till it's over and still

Yes we will

Little bird got me going

And I might overfill


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